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Wrong used beauty products

Here is a list of beauty products that are used completely wrong, so do not feel their benefits, know in detail how to apply them properly to maintain your beauty, and avoid mistakes that negatively affect your skin and cause it to dry and pale.


From serum to wet wipes.. beauty products that are used wrong




Most women, especially working women, use wet wipes to clean and remove makeup all the time. This procedure is completely wrong because the skin and makeup are dealt with; With water and a gel or foam face wash, use wet wipes minimally if you are out and about and water is hard to find, but all the time stay away from this product as it is made with harsh ingredients that damage the skin and cause it to dry out.


Using the serum alone:


Serums or face serums are never applied alone. The serum is best applied in the evening before applying the moisturizing cream, especially if it is a retinol serum. Apply the serum and then the moisturizing cream, so that the skin absorbs all the nutrients very carefully. As for the day, the retinol serum is not used in the morning without application. Sunscreen, as it makes the skin more delicate and sensitive to the harmful rays of the sun.


Dry sponge or beauty blender after foundation:





After applying the foundation cream on the face, many people use a beauty blender or sponge while it is in a dry state to distribute it. This is harmful to your skin and affects the final appearance. You must use the sponge while it is wet, until you get a perfect distribution of the product. This step is among the beauty products used wrongly, which exposes your skin and skin to problems.


Know the difference between the uses of concealer and face corrector:


Concealer is used in the area under the eye only, and the corrector is distributed to the rest of the face. These products are mistaken by many in their use, as they think that their use is one, and among the tips for applying concealer to hide dark circles and eye puffiness, is to moisturize the skin before it, as for the face corrector. It is applied in circular motions, like a massage, so that its appearance looks natural, away from tackiness.


Wearing a face mask while sleeping:


Of the cosmetic products that are used incorrectly, masks or face masks, adhere to the instructions and method of use shown on the product itself, do not put the mask on your face overnight, or until it dries unless the instructions and instructions mention that, in order to avoid absorbing the moisture of the face, and make it drier And prone to inflammation and redness.


Scrub the face with an alcohol-based cleanser:


Do not scrub a face hard while using a face wash that contains alcohol, because this puts your skin at risk and also stimulates the skin to secrete more oil, as a result of its violent exposure to chemicals. Face wash that contains alcohol is not applied to the entire face, but to specific places.


Not washing micellar water:


There is no doubt that micellar water is rich in many cosmetic benefits, but this does not mean leaving it on the skin for long periods because it will make all the dust and impurities remain on the surface of the skin. After applying this water to maintain pure healthy skin.

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