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Benefits of hyaluronic acid for the skin

Since it  became  popular  in the mid-nineties, it has  become a staple in  most cosmetics and  skin care products. But…  what is hyaluronic acid? It is  one of the anti- aging  assets  favored  by  doctors and  consumers  thanks to its  natural results.
What is hyaluronic acid?



Hyaluronic acid is a  naturally  occurring  ingredient  found in joints, cartilage, and  skin. Depending  on the  area  in which  we find it, it  performs  different functions:
Helps  prevent painful rubbing in our joints.
In cartilage it acts as a repairer.
It acts as a moisturizing and supportive agent  on the  skin to  keep it youthful.
As  you can see, hyaluronic acid is a key  component to the  proper functioning of  many of our tissues,  but its  rise to  fame  came  when it  began to be  applied as an  ingredient in aesthetic  treatments for its  extraordinary anti- aging properties. Whether in injections,  creams or supplements,  both  professionals and  consumers love it. No wonder!
Hyaluronic acid benefits?
1. Moisturizes
Thanks to its  ability to absorb,  it is a  powerful moisturizing  ingredient. In addition, it  helps to  retain water  inside the epidermis, which makes its  effect even greater. Young  skin is hydrated  skin!
2. Helps to  form collagen
It promotes the formation of collagen that  supports and  helps  support our  skin.
3. Rejuvenates the  skin
In  aging  skin,  there is a  significant  loss of hydration, with hyaluronic acid being  the main molecule  included in it. Therefore, hyaluronic acid  helps us  provide hydration and elasticity to the  skin and  thus  improve its appearance.
4. Reduces wrinkles
It fills our  skin and  gives it vitality, which  helps  reduce wrinkles. Although  it is  more  effective  when injected, its  effects  can also be  appreciated  when used as a cream.
Where  can we find it?
1. As a component of  skin  creams and serums
Hyaluronic acid improves the  condition of the  skin, restores hydration and smoothes wrinkles.
2. In nutritional supplements
If we  seek to regenerate cartilage and  boost collagen  production,  we can  count on hyaluronic acid. When ingested, it  helps  to improve  general  aging,  not  just the  aging of the  skin to which  it is  applied.
3. In the  form of injection
Whether to  treat joint  problems or as  part of  beauty  treatments, hyaluronic acid injections create a  network that favors the  proper functioning of tissues. In filler  form, the  skin smoothes and fills  in the  areas  where  it is injected (lips,  dark circles, cheekbones, wrinkles…) and  attracts water molecules to  enhance hydration. When used as a  combined treatment, it  speeds up the  healing process (for example,  one of its  most  common  uses is in  patients with osteoarthritis of the knee).
Did  you know that hyaluronic acid  is also used to  restore  youth to the intimate  area?
When menopause arrives, estrogen  production in a woman’s  body decreases and collagen  quality worsens. This  leads to a thinning of the  walls of the vagina, a  loss of its  natural lubrication and a  decrease  in the  size of the labia majora,  which can  cause  discomfort on a  daily  basis and  during intercourse.
More  women do  not resign! They are  looking for  solutions to  restore  comfort  in the intimate  area and  resort to cross- linked hyaluronic acid fillers  such as Desirial or Desirial Plus to  get rid of  these  problems on a  permanent  basis.
By injecting cross- linked hyaluronic acid, it  not  only fills the subcutaneous folds  in the  area, it  also favors the  production of collagen, so its anti- aging  effect is greater. Its effects can last between 6 months and a  year depending on the woman.
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