Top 5 korean skin care products
How many times have we seen Korean celebrities like Kebab have bright skin that doesn’t seem to have defects, because Koreans care about skincare, and appearance is very important to them; A person in good clothes, scented and healthy skin, these are the signs of beauty.
We all agree on the importance of taking care of our body skin, especially by the summer months, the hottest months of the year. In this particular period, due first to high temperatures and exposure to air-conditioned air, skin is dehydrated, its surface is fractured, spots become more visible and its overall health is affected.
From this point of view, we have chosen for you today a range of products that are essential for skincare this summer and for meeting its various needs of deep hydration, nutrition, and regeneration.
The silence of Belief Cream BB pre-moisturized can hold moisture for up to 26 hours. This cream is suitable for healthy and dry skin specifically.
The primary function of the product is to keep the skin tissue flexible, by producing abundant moisturizing of the skin pores. Many of our dry skin face various challenges such as skin flushing, fine lines at an early age, or even acne problems. Condensed hydration and the deep cleaning effect of this Korean moisturizer can calm your skin, removing all risks.
Natural plant extracts such as snapper leaves have been mixed into this cream to obtain maximum hydration. Dermatologists recommend the use of this product because it is a safe product that contains no sulfate, paraben, phthalates, vaseline, dyes, or perfume.
Amazing hydro cream from Language is an excellent way to activate your skin.
Because of dehydration, our skin looks boring and damaged. Fine lines and wrinkles become clearer. The moisturizer keeps hydrating deep into the skin pores. Essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, etc., in cream help, transform your blistering skin into a healthy, vibrant, purity skin.
The Biogen technology induced in the cream helps hold the damp longer. Olive scallion provides strength for skin cells and tissues. Dermatologists tested the structure as perfect for dry skin.
3 – Nature Republic Aqua Combined Cream
It’s an advanced moisturizer 



It is an advanced moisturizing cream that creates a protective layer on your skin to prevent any damage. Polynesia Lagoon Water is the main ingredient in this water-based cream that keeps skin hydrated to a maximum level for up to 24 hours. Thirty plant extracts from ocean water are also involved during the manufacture of this product. These marine plant extracts keep your skin nourished and healthy. Being weightless, it is suitable for combination skin types.
Meek is a cutting-edge brand that manufactures amazing Asian beauty products. This moisturizer is the answer, a natural soothing solution for your dry/sensitive skin. This wonder cream can stop any skin disorder easily.
Meek Moisturizer does not contain any harmful sulfates, parabens, or harmful phthalates; Hence, it can be used for all skin types. Ceramides and adenosine brilliantly aid the skin cell generation and repair process.
The continuous moisture in your skin is secured by hyaluronic acid. Other rich ingredients like Niacinamide and retinol improve skin texture by reducing wrinkles and other aging lines or spots.
This cream is designed for all skin types. Dry and sensitive skin, the lack of moisture irritates all skin types.
Klairs has uniquely designed its products to deliver a high volume of moisture to the skin’s pores. Redness and dry patches are easy to smooth and reduce with this lightweight cream. Shea butter, ceramides 3, and lipids are homogeneously combined to improve the texture of your skin.
Naturally vegan and safe to use. Once you start using it, a protective film will be formed on your skin, which will help protect your skin from any external damage. The ingredients of this easy-to-absorb feature make your skin feel light without any clogging of the pores.