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Ways to look bright in the morning without makeup - Care Beauty

Ways to look bright in the morning without makeup

Appearing  fresh and radiant after waking up and  in the early hours of the morning  is not easy.
Six  tips  that will help you  start your morning the  way  you like it:
1- Ice: Put ice cubes  on your  skin and make  circular motions. Then wash your face with water only.
This step will  close the pores and  delay  the appearance of wrinkles
The  skin  looks  more radiant and it  helps you  wake up faster. It is the oldest  known trick.
2- To exercise: Nothing will make you  more  energetic than  exercising  in the morning.
Walk  outdoors or on a  machine  in the club
This improves the  heart  rate and  increases the secretion of endorphins to get  more energy,  in addition to the  color  that will  appear  on your cheeks  without  putting any powder.
3- The spoon: If you  suffer from the  problem of puffiness  under your eyes,  then you  should use the spoon trick.
Put it  in the  refrigerator for ten minutes,  and then  apply it  under  each eye  while  you are  lying  on the sofa.
Where the  cold calms  infection and inflammation, and the  cold  option does this  job as well,  put it  on your eyes for  five  to ten minutes.
4- Flip your head: your hair  needs to be refreshed  in the morning
Turn your head over and run your  fingers  inside it from the  tips to the roots to  bring  back its  appearance and texture to life.
At this time  you will  discover that blood has flowed  to your face and made your cheeks  more  red and lively.
5- Hydration: One of the worst  things  about your  appearance is dehydration, which makes you  look  tired
The  skin  looks  pale and  dull and wrinkles  appear  more  when the  skin does  not get what it  needs of water.
So, Dear, you  should get  more water,  whether  in the rinsing or  in the drinking
Do  not  forget that  at least  eight glasses  will be  necessary to  maintain your beauty.
6- Wear colors: black  may make you  appear  more graceful,  but it does  not make you  appear  more alert.
When you  feel that your  appearance  looks  tired  in the morning,  replace black with  another  color,  and you will  feel the  difference  that is  reflected  on your  skin and beauty.