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FA2 laser: a new non-surgical skin tightening technique

The FA laser technology or Laser Fume Extractor  comes in its  second generation, FA2, to  keep  pace with the  requirements of  women  who are  always striving to  maintain the freshness  of their  skin and  keep it tight,  away from surgeries.
 So  what is this  technique? What are its  features and  results?
What  is this  technique?
FA2 is  one of the  most  advanced and non-surgical  cosmetic  techniques for concealing the  signs of wrinkles. This  technique works on  light peeling  by laser and at a  depth of  the second and  third layers of the  skin, which reaches 4 mm. One of its claims is that it  provides  the appearance of  skin  that is  5 years younger, and that its  effect lasts up  to 3 years.
The FA2  technology is  characterized  by the following:
– Gives the  skin a  smooth texture, and  removes  signs of wrinkles and sagging.
Tightens the neck and  around the chin,  known as the double chin.
Treats  loose  skin  in the arms, thighs,  and even the buttocks,  caused by obesity.
Reduces the  signs of wrinkles,  especially  in the  upper eyelid  area, and  gives the eyes a  wide  appearance.
– Removes scars  caused by  acne and  skin pits.
Treats the  front of the chest and erases small wrinkles  in this  area and  gives it a  smooth texture.
Gradually  remove wrinkles from the forehead,  upper  part of the mouth,  hands and fingers.
 number of  sessions:
Usually, the  woman undergoes  three  sessions  at the  rate  of one  every month or  every  3 months for a  period  of one year. This  technique is  intended for  women over the age of 35. This does  not  prevent any  woman from  undergoing a  single FA2  session,  especially the bride  who is  looking for the freshness and radiance of her  appearance on her  wedding day.
Its  results and  side effects:
– FA2 laser  technology  uses  far from surgery,  without  pain or  side effects.
– Its use does  not require  special preparation. Rather, the cream is  placed  on the  area to be  treated an hour  before the  start of work.
The  session lasts for  45 minutes.
Some redness  may appear,  but it disappears  within an hour.
– The  woman can resume her  daily  activities  immediately after the treatment.
Its  results are  guaranteed and fast, and lasts from  3 to  5 years, and its  success  rate  may exceed 90%.
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