Make your own soothing cream to reduce eczema
Some  women  suffer from eczema, a  disease that comes  as a result of  psychological  stress or  because of  a specific  type of soap, which  causes them to  feel itchy in  different  parts of the body. Eczema has many types, all of which  appear  in the  form of itchy  red spots. If you  suffer from eczema and are  looking for a  natural  treatment for it,  here are  the steps for making  a soothing cream to  reduce eczema.
the  ingredients:
 1/2 cup shea butter
 1/2 cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon of white honey
 5  to 10 drops of tea essential oil
1- Make a water  bath for  each of the shea butter and coconut oil (i.e.  bring a  large pot with water, then  install a smaller bowl  inside it. Put the shea butter and coconut oil  in the small bowl and  cover it with the lid  designated for it). Leave it on a low  heat for  3 minutes.
2- Add the honey and  leave the  ingredients until they are all dissolved.
 3- When all the ingredients are in the liquid state,  add the lavender oil and tea oil and stir them together.
4- Leave the mixture to cool and then put it in an empty jar, and put it on the eczema places whenever you feel itchy.
Note: This cream is not considered a  treatment,  but rather a palliative to reduce itching caused by dry skin as a result of eczema.