How to make fruit acids at home

How to make fruit acids at home
What is fruit acid?
Although citrus fruit peeling is superficial,  it is a chemical  process used  to close pores, even out  skin and  give the face a  real glow.
What are its features? Are there any  risks to the  skin?
Peeling is a medical- cosmetic  technique that  involves destroying the  surface layers of the  skin in a  controlled  manner to  effectively  improve  the overall  appearance of the  skin. Contrary to  popular belief, exfoliation does  not weaken the  skin. On the contrary,  it will  allow you to refinish it and  give it elasticity, erasing small defects that  change its smoothness. The  result is a uniform complexion and a radiant complexion.
Exfoliating with fruit acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid is great. Because  it is non-allergenic and with  good  results in  most cases,  it is  one of the  most  popular peels.
There are  different  types of peeling: superficial, medium and deep. It all  depends on  the size of the scars and blemishes you  want to  reduce or  remove. The acidic peeling of the fruit is the so- called superficial peeling, which makes it  possible to  obtain new  skin.
The  doctor  often uses glycolic acid,  which is  obtained from sugar cane, beet or grape extract. Used in a  more or  less  concentrated solution with a more or  less acidic pH, this compound reduces the adhesion of keratinocytes,  dead cells  in the outer layer of the epidermis.
It  will be  eliminated in  favor of  the new cells,  it’s a  real “coup”!
How do I make fruit acid?
To exfoliate the  skin and  remove  dead cells, a chemical peel made at  home  can be  done  using  natural acids  that are  found in  fresh  fruits  rich in antioxidants. For example, lemon,  prepare with lemon juice, one teaspoon of granulated sugar, one tablespoon of cornmeal,  two tablespoons of rose water and  two drops of lemon  essential oil.
The fruit acid leaves the  skin  bright and rejuvenated,  removes spots, regulates sebum secretion, reduces wrinkles and leaves the  skin velvety. This  remedy is the archenemy of sunlight, and  the ideal is to do it  in the winter,  it can  start in November and  continue  until March  before spring and  good  weather begins.
How  to use fruit acid
First, the  skin is  cleaned with a  cleansing lotion, and  once  it is  cleaned, a fruit acid  mask is applied,  which is left  on the  skin for a  certain  period  depending  on the sensitivity  of each person’s  skin.
Use a fruit acid  mask and  leave it for 10  minutes to penetrate the  skin. Then  remove the  mask. You will notice, eyes and cheeks  slightly raised.
After that use moisturizing creams or serums,  preferably  using fruit acid  4  sessions  per month  and then a refining  session  every 28 days,  which is the time  when  cell renewal occurs.
Fruit acid  treatment  result? Smooth, velvety  skin  without blemishes. In the  photo gallery we see  how to  apply a facial  treatment with fruit acid.

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