3 reasons why you should put aspirin in the washing machine

Many women encounter a problem when washing white clothes, and find that they are not clean and white as they should, and even that their color tends to gray. Of course, for this purpose, you are also experimenting with a lot of tools, products, and even tricks that you hear around you to get clothes that are white and clean as they should be.


How about you solve this issue with a new, easy and economical trick, and you only need to use aspirin for that.


If you wash white clothes on your hands: Put 300 grams of effervescent aspirin in a bowl of hot water, then put the soiled clothes in the bowl and leave it overnight. And you’ll notice a huge difference in your clothes the next day. But you have to repeat this process until your clothes are pure white.





But if you wash these clothes by a washing machine: put the white clothes that have changed color in the washing machine with the dose you usually use of washing powder, then add two aspirin tablets and leave the washing machine running as usual. You will notice after the completion of the washing that your clothes have returned new and bright white.


Aspirin contains a type of acid that makes it able not only to whiten clothes but also to remove tough stains. So use it from now on in your laundry and there is no need to resort to expensive powders as long as aspirin is available in your home.


Aspirin is also an easy and economical trick that will eliminate the need for expensive tools and preparations.

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