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Ways to perfume the sensitive area and make the intimacy amazing

Married women pay great attention to the feminine areas, so we will provide you with ways to perfume the sensitive area and make the intimacy amazing and wonderful.


1) Top easy ways to conserve the area:



You should use natural soap free from dyes and synthetic materials that can damage the area and make it prone to itching and inflammation.


Medically, you should use natural soap once every 3 days, because the vagina can purify itself of microbes.


Use of cotton underwear


Underwear is the piece of clothing closest to your body, so you should always choose it carefully and handle it carefully.





Avoid that your underwear is made of lace or satin or that it is tight on you, and you must change it on a daily basis.


2) Methods of perfuming the sensitive area and making intimacy amazing:


1- rose water

Rose water is amazing in perfuming the body and the sensitive area because of its ability to absorb bad odors and make the body smell good.


2- baby powder


Use baby powder to clean and perfume the sensitive area and dry any moisture to protect it from sweat, infection and bacteria.


3- sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is one of the most important healthy oils for the skin of the body, especially sensitive areas, just put a few drops on your hands and apply them to the area.


4- Lavender

My lady, perfume your sensitive area with lavender boiled because of its good smell.


Lavender eliminates germs and microbes in the area, completely sterilizes the vagina, and reduces vaginal secretions.


5- Rosemary and chamomile oil

You can get a fragrant and distinctive scent for the sensitive area by perfuming the bath water with chamomile and rosemary every day, and then perform ablution with it.


6) Tea tree oil and lemon




Dear woman, try to wipe the sensitive area with a cotton wet with tea tree oil or even lemon oil, because they contain an amazing smell that will keep you fresh throughout the day

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