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What's the Secret to Growing Long Eyelashes at Home? - Care Beauty

What’s the Secret to Growing Long Eyelashes at Home?

Do you dream for those thick and long eyelashes and want to know How

If your eyelash hair is falling off, then use this natural eyelash serum that will help you grow your eyelashes.

Bring a finished mascara comb, wash it well with water, or you can buy it from any cosmetic store, bring baby powder and put it around the mascara comb, then apply Vaseline on your eyelashes with the help of the mascara comb, you can notice the difference after 5 days.
We bring olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil, mix all in equal proportions, and put them in a tightly closed bottle, the oils help to lengthen the eyelashes to become denser. Use regularly with a cotton or mascara comb to notice good results. Natural oils contain vitamins and minerals that help moisturize, lengthen and intensify eyelashes.