What is korean tint?

Your aesthetic looks are not complete without a touch of blush with makeup, to add an enchanting touch of beauty to your features and light up your face, and because the Korean tint is one of the most distinctive natural products that suit mostly all skin types  , and highlight your face in a more distinctive style, we know you today on the Korean tint .

What is korean tin and how is it made?

What is korean tin?

Tint is a natural product for the skin and an essential step that you must add to your routine to make a difference. It is made from real fruit pigments such as strawberry, raspberry, cherry, pomegranate or beet, to be a natural fruit rich in antioxidants and give the natural redness of the fruit used with useful natural ingredients to be used as a base for liquid tint Like shea butter and cocoa butter or Moroccan argan oil and jojoba oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil, just a quick swipe of the powder or a few drops of it will impart a fresh, rosy glow, making your face instantly look healthier and more natural. Corn starch, rice powder and rice starch are used as a base to control the flow of the tint, for natural redness, and rose extract can be added to cleanse the skin and prevent spots and natural minerals. The net is available in two types; The powder and the creamy type, according to your desire, or the two of them, and you can use the creamy type on the lips.

How is it used?

Ways to use tint

Tint is a water-based, pigmented formula that is applied to the cheeks and lips similar to blush and lipstick to give the skin a light and natural color, and it has some other uses, where it can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow, and there are some types of tints that have a creamy texture, and there are very liquid types, so many turned Girls are encouraged to use it because it is safer and more natural. Tint formulas are available in lighter textures and more natural finishes, making blush easier than ever. To tint cheeks, use your fingertips or an appropriate makeup brush to apply natural blush to the apple of each cheek, and blend With the rest of the face makeup  gently to get the luminous color of your skin, and give your cheeks a natural touch

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