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Skin whitening cream side effects - Care Beauty

Skin whitening cream side effects

There is no doubt that the use of skin-lightening cream indiscriminately and exaggeratedly by some girls and women,

It involves health risks, and leads to very serious consequences, as the chemical analysis of lightening cream

The commercially traded skin in the markets has shown that it contains a dangerous group of substances and compounds such as

hydroguinone, cortisone, and benzenediol, as well as a large number of substances with

Mercury origin, and cosmetologists confirm that such compounds are found in skin-lightening cream




It is prescribed only in sick cases and by a specialist doctor and is taken under close medical supervision, and from

The most important of these diseases are melasma, freckles, acne and smallpox. Also, these are taken into account

The materials according to the type of skin, whether it is dry or oily or a combination of dry and oily, as it is in each type

A special type of cosmetic cream is described.

It is mentioned here that cortisone is considered a dangerous substance and, when used to lighten the skin, causes

Skin atrophy and increased hair growth in some areas of the body, also the substance hydroquinone, which is used to reduce

The activity of cells when the melanin pigment in the body is irritated, it greatly harms pregnant women

It is found in some creams, especially the skin-lightening cream. Medical observations have shown that it is used in a way

Random and without prescriptions, it has led to bleaching of the entire body, so many doctors are unanimously agreed that

Skin-lightening cream that contains these very dangerous substances should only be dispensed with medical prescriptions, not prescriptions

cosmetic, and prompting them to issue their warnings frequently, the dangerous side effects that result from it and also

The damage to the girl’s or lady’s skin could not be repaired when it occurred, creating a severe pathological condition

Complication, then medical means fail to treat it.

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