What is Endolift?

Endolymph Laser Network application, an FDA-approved laser technology for shaping the mid and lower face, defining the jaw line, tightening the jowl and neck area, and tightening the under-eye bags without surgery and without scarring, is an application that is performed without the need for anesthesia and difficult surgical procedures, without age discrimination. It promotes the formation of new collagen by increasing the temperature under the skin in the area where it is applied.

How long does Endolift take? How long does it give results?

In this application, which promises rapid rejuvenation in a short time, lasts only 45 minutes, and is performed without the need for incisions and anesthesia; Although immediate observed results are obtained, the result is long-lasting and permanent. Endolift Laser Network application is painless and fast; Since there is no scar and bruising, patients can continue their routine lives from where they left off.


What are the application areas of endolift?


Mid-face lift, chin-up and rounding, clarification of the jaw line, correction of lower eyelid bags, upper eyelid drooping, eyebrow lifting, tightening of neck lines, skin tightening, deep nasolabial (lines extending from the edge of the nose to the edge of the lip) and marionet (from the edge of the mouth) It is used in areas such as opening wrinkles such as lines extending towards the chin, melting the asymmetries and excesses caused by the filling, breaking the fat accumulated in the knee, tightening the excess skin accumulated on the kneecaps, and cellulite treatment.



What does the Endolift Laser Network promise?


With advancing age, the decrease in hormones, decrease in collagen tissue, loss of elasticity and moisture, weight gain and loss, external factors and the effect of gravity cause sagging, wrinkling and wrinkles in our face area. Women who care about their external beauty, on the other hand, turn to applications that will achieve faster, more painless results without affecting their social lives and in a single session in order to solve these problems. Men as well as women are of great interest. Endolift Laser Network is a known and used laser technology in the world and Europe for about 10 years, it is most frequently used in America and Italy.

You said one session, but can anyone have multiple sessions?


It is possible to achieve the best desired result in a single session, but if necessary, a second application can be made to the desired areas at least 6 months later.



Who can not have an endolift?


It is a technology that we can safely use for everyone, people of all ages, except for pregnancy, breastfeeding, some active autoimmune diseases and active infections in the area to be applied.

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