What Does Hair Mousse Do and How to Use It?

Hair mousse, which is indispensable for full hair, is a product that can be easily used by all hair types due to its ability to give volume and highlight waves. Of course, correct use is essential for an effective result!


Let’s look at how it should be implemented step by step.

First, let us underline that you should apply the foam to your damp hair. If you are not going to style your hair immediately after the shower, you can wet your hair a little with water before foaming.


After shaking the bottle well, squeeze some foam into your hand. Apply it to your hair ends and distribute the product evenly throughout your hair with the help of a comb. Then dry your hair with a hair dryer . In the meantime, you can style your hair with your hands or get help from vigo heads if you want. If you wish, after applying the mousse, you can shape it with your hands, let it dry, and get naturally curly hair without applying heat.


If you want to blow dry your hair with volume, you can apply the mousse in the same way and dry your hair by straightening it with the help of a blow dryer brush.

TONI&GUY Volumizing Mousse  has the feature of giving fullness to dull hair without weighing it down.


We recommend you to use it to have cool hair all day long!






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