How to make eggplant pickles?

Eggplant leaves taste in the palates with its pickles as it adds flavor to the table with its meals. Eggplant pickles in one of the pickles that are loved next to meals in winter. So how to make eggplant pickles? We give you the recipe of eggplant pickles that you will like very much


Ingredients for Eggplant Pickle Recipe2 Kg of small eggplant150 Grams of garlic500 Grams of pepper1 Kg tomatoes½ vineyard parsley1 Tablespoon lemon salt2 lemon juiceSalt


Eggplant Pickle Recipe step by step


1/The eggplants are washed, then cleaned.


2/Grips and green stems on the sides are taken


3/In boiling water, the eggplants are cooked for 3 minutes.


4/Garlics and peppers are cleaned, extracted.


5/Peppers are chopped.


6/Garlics are chopped, added to peppers.


7/Large tomatoes are chopped.


8/The last parsley is chopped and added with salt.


9/Scratches are thrown in the middle of the boiled eggplants and filled into mortar.


10/It is placed in a jar or canister. Then lemon juice, lemon salt and salt are discarded. Water is added to the open places.


11/The lid is closed, it is kept in a cool place until the smell of pickles appears.