Gelatin for your hair care

Gelatin has many aesthetic benefits for the skin and hair, so you should include it in your daily routine. In the next lines, we present to you how to use it to soften and moisturize the hair as an alternative to chemicals.

Find out with us the method and apply it yourself, according to the “Your Beauty” website.

Gelatin helps to achieve smooth and moisturizing for dry hair, as used by bathers in the work mask hair isolated from mixing with water and vulnerability, and works Gelatin to contribute to hair growth and density and you can use it in this way:
a tablespoon of powdered gelatin
small cup of water
a teaspoon of honey and
a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

Method of preparation
– In a small pot on the fire, you put a small cup of water, and leave it until it boils.
– You add a tablespoon of gelatin powder to it, with constant stirring, and as soon as the ingredients stick together well, remove from the heat, and leave it until it cools.
Then you put a spoonful of honey and a spoon of white vinegar, and stir the ingredients together, then put it on your hair from the roots to the ends and cover it, and leave it for about half an hour, then wash it with shampoo and repeat this method once a week to get the best results.