The silicone brush is the best for cleaning the skin

Facial cleansing is an essential step of the daily care routine to remove dirt, impurities and bacteria accumulated from the previous day. The cleansing process is accompanied by gentle exfoliation and stimulation of skin cell renewal

Various cleaning tools are an essential part of the skin care regimen for a deeper cleaning that can remove dead skin cells and pores filled with sebum secretions, which accumulate over time, according to the “24” website.

With the development of tools for skin cleaning techniques, the use of fingertips is no longer sufficient to obtain a deep and effective cleaning, so it is necessary to choose the right tool to ensure the desired deep cleaning.

There are many benefits to using a silicone tool to clean facial skin daily. The most important of these benefits is that the silicone is non-porous; Therefore, it is superior to other cleaning tools in terms of surface cleanliness.

Compared with a regular brush with bristles, a regular brush can collect 35% more germs and bacteria than a silicone brush, which is basically anti-bacterial.

To avoid the risk of spreading bacteria on your face when cleaning your skin, experts recommend that you replace your regular bristle brush every three months, due to the accumulation of bacteria on its surface. to clean your skin.