What are the causes of weight gain?

Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep Sleep
is considered to be associated with increased sleep; For example, lack of sleep causes changes in hormone levels in the body; These hormones increase the feeling of hunger, especially in the late night, which leads to snacking and thus increases calories.

Antidepressants Antidepressants
have side effects, including weight gain; Where depression causes changes in weight, and starting drug treatment is a cause of increased appetite, and thus weight gain, so it is possible to speak with the doctor in order to make changes to the treatment plan, in the event that the individual believes that antidepressants are a cause of weight gain.

Cortisol Hormone
Some studies link weight gain and a high level of cortisol due to stress and stress. Where the cortisol hormone increases the appetite of the individual and thus leads to weight gain, and the high level of the hormone cortisol causes an increase in the proportion of insulin in the body, which leads to a decrease in blood sugar and thus the individual feels constant hunger, and therefore it is recommended to reduce the individual from the levels of stress that he is exposed to in his life daily in order to lose weight.

The low level of the estrogen hormone in the body is a major cause of weight gain, especially in women over the age of forty-five, which is produced in the ovary and stored in fat cells, so the high decrease of this hormone causes the accumulation of more fat in the hips and thighs, so it is preferable Eating foods rich in fiber that helps stimulate the production of estrogen in order to reduce the accumulation of fat in fat cells.

Genetics Genetics
is a key factor in an individual’s weight gain. Whereas, the individual with obese parents is more likely to acquire than those with lean parents; Many studies on twins show that there are many genetic components that increase an individual’s ability to gain weight.

Excessive intake of sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity, since excessive sugar intake leads to changing chemical hormones in the body and thus weight gain; Where sugar is usually a compound of glucose and fructose, so when you consume high fructose, this leads to high insulin levels and thus increases energy storage in the body, which turns into fats that cause obesity for the individual.

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