To fix the eyeliner in your eye for more than 24 hours

To fix kohl in your eye for more than 24 hours, here is this exclusive method from our Magazine. Kohl not only beautifies you, but also plays a role in strengthening the follicles of your eyelashes, and in preserving and lengthening them, which contributes to increasing their ability to protect your eyes from all harmful influences such as sunlight and dust. and dirt.

Despite the importance of eyeliner, there is a problem that many of us face, which is the method of fixing it, especially in hot weather, where the high temperature interacts with the nature of your skin, which spoils the black eyeliner in your eyes, and today we will present to you a method of fixing eyeliner 24 hours, even while sleeping.

First, you have to sharpen the black kohl pencil, then try to expose it to heat, either with a blowdryer, or by exposing it to a lighter, then leave it for a while.

Then you put a little foundation under your eyes, and then you cool the black kohl pencil so that it becomes flat at the top, and in the end you put it inside your eyes.

Thus, you get a stable eyeliner for a long time.

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