The Most Popular Beauty Trend of Recent Times: How to Apply Permanent Nail Polish at Home?

Not a day goes by that a new beauty trend is not added 😊 Permanent nail polishes, whose names we have heard often lately, have stolen our hearts with their practical use 😍 These nail polishes that do not deteriorate, do not come off and do not peel off; He comes to the rescue of those who are tired of renewing nail polish every few days. Today, many hairdressers and beauty centers provide permanent nail polish services. Of course, going to the hairdresser or beauty salon is not the only way to use permanent nail polish. If you wish, you can apply permanent nail polish at home at very affordable prices. Here are the permanent nail polish application at home and the necessary permanent nail polish materials…

What is permanent nail polish?

how to apply permanent nail polish at home

Permanent nail polishes, which have a more permanent formula than ordinary nail polishes, are one of the most curious beauty trends of recent times. These nail polishes, which require a different application method, can stay intact for 4-6 weeks, depending on the use. Moreover, if you get bored of using the same color, you can apply a normal nail polish on the permanent nail polish, then remove the normal nail polish with acetone. Your permanent nail polish will not even be affected by this process 😍

How to apply permanent nail polish at home? Step 1: Manicure and file

Before applying permanent nail polish at home, you should clean your cuticles and file your nails as you wish. You can also do a full manicure if you wish. Then you need to file your nail surface using the hard part of the polishing file. You should file it well until your nails have a matte appearance. 

Step 2: Prep & Wipe

Then you can move on to the process we call prep & wipe. For this, you need to wipe your nail surface well using permanent nail polish remover wipes. These wipes will help you get rid of the oil left on your nails.

Step 3: Base coat

how to apply permanent nail polish at home

After getting your nails ready for permanent nail polish application at home, you need to apply the transparent gel called base coat. After applying the base coat in a thin layer, you should dry it for 30 seconds using a UV/LED lamp. 

Step 4: Nail Polish

After applying a base coat to all your nails and drying them with the help of a lamp, you can apply the first layer of your permanent nail polish in a thin layer. After applying the nail polish, you should dry it for at least 30 seconds and at most 60 seconds with the help of a lamp. Then you can apply the second coat and dry it again with the help of a lamp. 

Step 5: Top coat

how to apply permanent nail polish at home

It’s time for my last step! You should apply a silvery, matte, glossy or normal top coat in a thin layer and dry it with the help of a lamp. You should not forget that the top coat you will use is a specially produced top coat for permanent nail polish. 

If you wish, you can also benefit from ready-made sets!

how to apply permanent nail polish at home

Today, many brands sell ready-made permanent nail polish sets. These sets include nail file, permanent nail polish, UV/LED lamp and permanent nail polish removal wipe. Moreover, the prices are very affordable! It’s hard not to love these sets that make it easy to apply permanent nail polish at home 😍 

How to remove permanent nail polish?

how to apply permanent nail polish at home

First of all, you should file your nail polishes nicely. Then you should cut cotton balls or pads to cover your nail surface and wet them with a strong acetone. After placing the wetted pads on your nail surface, you should cover them with aluminum foil so that they do not get airtight. After waiting for 10 minutes, your nail polish will be ready to be peeled off or scraped. After scraping, you should not forget to clean your nail surface thoroughly by filing it. If you wish, you can use various solutions and gels to remove your permanent nail polish. In this way, it is possible to remove your nail polish much faster and effortlessly. 

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