Make your own natural blusher using beets

Blush or blusher is one of the most important cosmetics that cannot be dispensed with, as it gives the face a touch of vitality and beauty. The blush that is sold in the market contains chemical compounds that have harmful side effects in the long run, in addition to that, it is expensive, especially when it is purchased from an international brand. To save money, and avoid any potential damage, it is recommended to use blush prepared with natural ingredients, which can be prepared simply and easily at home, and with ingredients found in the kitchen such as hibiscus and beets.


With beets, you can make blush blush naturally, and this is what we will review for you in this article.


Benefits of blush made with beets

1. It does not contain chemical compounds, unlike commercial lipsticks.

2. Easy to prepare and inexpensive.

3. It does not cause any harm to the skin.

4. It does not clog pores unlike commercial lipsticks.

5. Made of edible materials, which makes it extremely safe.


Buying beet powder

Some people may be afraid of the idea of ​​preparing beetroot powder at home, or they may not find the time or mood to prepare it, then you can buy beet powder from the market, then use it directly as a blush, and apply it to the cheeks with the fingers in a circular motion or with a makeup brush.


How to prepare blush at home


1. Beets.

2. Mortar and pestle.



1. Take one or two beets, wash them well and peel them.

2. Cut the beets into very thin slices.

3. Dry the beet slices either using a food dehydrator or put the slices on kitchen paper, then put them in the oven at the lowest temperature for half an hour or until completely dry.

4. If the beetroot slices are placed in the oven, they are monitored from time to time.

5. Dried beet slices are ground either in a coffee grinder, or by a mortar and pestle.

6. Grind the slices well until they turn into a powder, then they are sifted to get the fine powder only.

7. Store blush in a dry container, away from moisture.

8. Use blush by rubbing it on the skin with fingers in a circular motion, or using a makeup brush.

Pink blush

If you want to get a rosy blush, just add some kaolin (chinese clay) or cornstarch to the beet powder, then mix them with a mortar and pestle.


Add a simple shine to

blush Commercial blushes have a slight sheen that gives the face a radiance. This shine can also be obtained in a homemade blush, by adding a little mica powder (a natural mineral composed of crystallized silicate) and mixing it well with beet powder.




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