The magical uses of Vaseline, which you do not expect


The uses of Vaseline are many and varied in cosmetics or even in other areas in your home. Vaseline is one of the useful things that must be present in every home where the importance of Vaseline is that it is a necessary and basic substance in cosmetics, due to the great benefits of Vaseline for the skin, hair, and also for the body as well as it has uses Another magic that you may not have known before, some of which may not be related to the cosmetic field, but it will definitely impress you after you try it yourself, in this article we will tell you some of the various uses of Vaseline so continue reading the following lines to learn about the many benefits of Vaseline and its many uses in cosmetics and others.

Vaseline uses and benefits

Vaseline is used in a large number of cosmetic matters, which we will mention together, but before mentioning the cosmetic benefits of Vaseline, we first mention to you the general uses of Vaseline for household purposes so that you benefit from Vaseline as much as possible, other magical uses that will impress you are as follows: –

Skin peeling recipes

To clean and exfoliate the skin, use a salt scrub with Vaseline for best results, just mix a tablespoon of table salt with a teaspoon of Vaseline well and use it to exfoliate the body, hands, and rough or dark places such as elbows and knees.

To remove nail polish easily

Apply a layer of Vaseline on your nails before using nail polish of any kind. You will be able to remove nail polish easily by peeling off without the need for special nail polish remover.

To prevent shampoo from getting into your child’s eyes

A layer of Vaseline is applied to the top of the child’s eyebrows, which prevents water and shampoo from reaching your child’s eyes, and thus prevents the burning that may affect him as a result of the shampoo reaching his eyes.

Remove the narrow ring

If you wear a narrow ring or bracelet and do not know how to remove it, just apply a layer of Vaseline on your finger or hand and remove the ring or bracelet easily.

Make up removal

If your makeup remover has run out and you do not have what you can remove your makeup with, the best alternative is Vaseline, just put a layer of Vaseline on a paper towel and then remove your eye makeup with it, you will find it removed easily and without the need for skin contact with the World Cup, which may affect your skin.

Prevent the drawers scraping sound

Some wooden drawers, especially the old ones, may emit an annoying friction sound during opening and closing, applying a layer of Vaseline helps prevent these annoying sounds.

Uses of Vaseline in cosmetology

Good conditioner for hair

Adding some natural Vaseline oils such as castor oil, almond oil and olive oil helps moisturize the hair deeply.

Vaseline is dissolved in a water bath, then two tablespoons of each of the aforementioned oils are added to it, mixed well and placed on the hair to moisturize it.

It is used before blow-drying as a protection for hair from heat.

Lip balm

Replace lip balm or cocoa butter with Vaseline, which is a powerful lip balm and helps keep lips free from drying out.

Put Vaseline on the lips every day in the evening.

Treating cracked feet

Apply Vaseline on the heels and cracked areas once before bed.

It is preferable to wear a bag on each foot and then a sock until the cracks are completely healed.

Scrub for dark areas of the body

Vaseline is mixed with sugar by placing a tablespoon of sugar on each teaspoon of Vaseline, then mixing and placing on the dark places

Rub the dark areas in a circular shape for one minute, then wash it with water and repeat the scrub twice a week.

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