Treatment of melasma and freckles with natural materials

Many girls suffer from the problem of melasma and freckles, and beauty expert Marwa Jamil offers natural recipes to treat melasma and freckles.

The first recipe is a teaspoon of milk with a teaspoon of sulfur powder. The ingredients are mixed together and placed on the area where the freckles are spread several times a day.

The second recipe is a spoonful of glycerin and two spoons of milk, to which half a spoonful of fine rice powder is added, the mixture is mixed well, and the freckles are applied with it.

The third recipe is oxygenated water and lemon juice. It is placed on the freckles area for a quarter of an hour, then the face is washed and repeated several times a day.

The fourth recipe is a spoonful of honey and a small spoonful of vinegar with a small spoonful of salt as well. The mixture is mixed together and applied to the affected area.

Note: Marwa referred to parsley leaves and their importance in getting rid of the problems of freckles and melasma, and it is preferable to persevere with them for a week daily.

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