Turkish coffee to tighten the body

Tightening the body is one of the things that Eve cares about the most, as the tight, consistent texture is the title of beauty and attractiveness. Madam, today we offer you a mixture based on Turkish coffee that works to tighten the body and eliminate sagging while whitening the color of the skin and giving it a wonderful luster and smoothness, so that you are always radiant and beautiful.


Ingredients for the Turkish coffee mixture:




6 tablespoons of ground Turkish coffee.




Half a cup of hot water









How to use the Turkish coffee mixture for the body:




Put the Turkish coffee in a bowl and add hot water to it and mix them until you have a homogeneous mixture.




Apply the mixture on your body and rub it for 15 minutes before taking a shower.




Wash your body with warm water and dry it well.




The mixture is used twice a week for a month for best results.

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