My dear, apply these five steps presented to you by Dr. Oz and be beautiful, attractive and charming:


Five tips or steps that will give you beauty and attractiveness if you commit to implementing them.. They are:


Drink a glass of lukewarm water and lemon, as lukewarm water regulates the lymphatic system and lemon helps clean the liver.


Drink apple cider vinegar as it is or mix it with water or tea


Eat an apple daily, given that apples do not contain vitamin C and tissues that resist and fight cancer.





Eat whole grains daily, as they contain enzymes, salts, and minerals, and you can add to all that hot peppers that relieve pain, improve heart condition, and fight prostate cancer, and cinnamon keeps arteries healthy, adjusts blood sugar levels, and lowers cholesterol, and turmeric can reduce joint pain and prevent

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