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Ways to narrow the pores of the skin

The pores of the skin are natural and inevitable, as they work to release sweat, which is one of the ways to get rid of toxins and waste in the body, in addition to some oils that moisturize the skin and form a protective layer for it, but in some cases, these pores widen, especially in the pores. The face, which is one of the most common problems faced by people with oily skin, due to the accumulation of oily secretions as a result of increasing their quantities than the normal range, in addition to dust and sunlight, which affect the beauty of the skin.



Ways to narrow the pores of the skin


You can do several things to help you get rid of large facial pores, including:


Use a deep cleansing lotion to wash your skin twice a day, especially if you have oily skin.


Keep your skin moist, so that the skin does not have to secrete more oil, and thus the pores open more.


Pass an ice cube on your skin for three minutes a day, as the cold works to grip the skin.


If you want to make a steam bath, or clean your face with steam, wash it with cold water after that, because the heat opens the pores.


Make a mask of honey and lemon, apply it on your skin for twenty minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.


Make sure to exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove the fat, dirt, and accumulated cells that partially or completely block the pores, so the skin expands them to be able to release the secretions of the glands connected to them.


Avoid exposure to sunlight, because it reduces the elasticity of the skin, by breaking down collagen, and thus relaxes the walls of the channels in the skin, or what is known as the pores, so they become wider, and we advise you to use a sunscreen with an appropriate protection factor, and that its components are suitable for your skin type when exposed to sunlight And you’d better wear a hat as well.


Wipe your skin with a cotton pad moistened with cold rose water after cleansing and washing your skin, and before going to bed, as rose water does the work of toner.


Use natural masks to tighten pores, such as:


Starch mask: Mix a tablespoon of corn starch with a tablespoon of rose water, and rub your skin with the mixture for twenty minutes, then wash it with warm water.


Tomato mask: Choose a ripe and soft tomato, mash it, then add the peel of half a lemon after you grate it, with a spoon of lemon juice, and apply the mixture on your skin for fifteen minutes.


Apple cider vinegar mask: Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a tablespoon of water, and use a cotton ball to wipe your skin with the solution, but be careful that the apple cider vinegar you use is natural, so as not to irritate your skin, and wash it after ten minutes.


Egg white mask: Take one egg white, add drops of lemon juice to it, then whisk it until it becomes a cohesive texture, and apply it on your skin for ten minutes.

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