Obesity is classified as one of the health problems affecting the whole world. More than 700 million people suffer from it in the Middle East, according to the 2015 statistics of the World Health Organization.


There are many ways that people use to lose weight, there are those who follow a diet or exercise, and keto diet meals are one of the modern weight loss methods. Today, we offer you, dear reader, everything you need to know about the keto diet, and its easiest




It is a diet that relies on a high percentage of fat and protein in its meals and a low percentage of carbohydrates. This diet is similar to the Atkin diet and the low carb  diet to lose weight,  this system was originally created to treat epilepsy and relieve its symptoms. Then I discovered its importance for cancer patients, as it deprives cancer cells of their first food, “sugar.” In its first appearance, this diet meal was known as the classic keto diet, and the carbohydrate content of it was only 5%.

There are many types of keto diet  over time, but they all share the same rule, which is to accustom the body to use fats for energy production instead of carbohydrates. The process of fat metabolism produces ketones, which is called the ketosis process.




When you reduce the proportion of carbohydrates in food, the body automatically switches to the ketogenic process. And it is not only the keto diet that helps the body to enter that state, intermittent fasting  may help to do so faster. Scientists have discovered several health benefits of the keto diet, including:

  1. Reducing the level of sugar in the blood.
  2. Improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin, and therefore it is suitable for diabetics, but a doctor should be consulted first.
  3. Reducing body fat percentage .
  4. Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
  5. Reducing seizures in children with epilepsy.
  6. Some research has also found that it reduces symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and parkinsons disease .

Research is still ongoing to prove these results, and discover more benefits of the keto diet.


The keto diet is suitable for diabetics as it maintains the level of insulin in the blood



Change is followed by a change, changing the nature of food and the proportion of nutrients in it, followed by some symptoms that disappear within several days. Among these symptoms:

  1. feeling thirsty
  2. Dry mouth.
  3. frequent urination.
  4. loss of appetite
  5. Diarrhea or constipation.


People who follow the keto diet suffer from constipation


This may be accompanied by a feeling of loss of energy, lack of mental abilities, the desire to sleep and the inability to make an effort. Therefore, it is recommended to gradually change the eating regimen, so that the body does not suffer. There are keto diet recipes for beginners to help them transition gradually. It is not recommended to continue on the keto diet for long periods, in anticipation of health problems resulting from long-term fat digestion, including:

  1. Protein deficiency in the blood.
  2. Increased fat in the liver.
  3. Kidney stones.
  4. Micronutrient deficiency .

Therefore, the doctor may recommend some nutritional supplements that reduce the risk of developing these complications.


Side Effects of Keto Diet Meals



To get the most out of the keto diet  dear reader, you should take some things into account, and include them in your diet, namely:

1- Knowing what foods are allowed and prohibited in keto diet meals. This helps you establish a proper keto diet routine.

2- Make peace with the idea of ​​eating fat. Despite the popular culture that it is the basis of heart health problems, science has not proven this with certainty. Research is still ongoing to discover the truth of its effects.

3- Take into account the proportion of protein in the meal. Some people think that protein won’t do any harm, but its high levels turn into glucose in the body, thus damaging your diet.

4- Refine your culinary skills. You will rarely find ready-made meals that fit the keto diet, so you should choose several keto diet recipes that suit you to prepare at home.


Benefits of the keto diet for weight loss


5- Test the Bulletproof coffee. It is coffee rich in healthy fats, but if you have health problems, you should consult your doctor first.

6- Tell your family and friends. The family’s diet may not fit into your new diet, and their understanding and support for your routine can help you stick to it.

7- Know the expected side effects. This reduces your anxiety when symptoms occur, as well as knowing how to deal with them.

8- Monitoring the level of sodium and potassium in the body. They are two of the basic elements of the body, and any imbalance in one of them leads to serious consequences.

9- Make sure the keto diet is right for you. If you have any health problems, you should talk to your doctor first and make sure that the keto diet is suitable for you.

10- Determine your diet after the keto diet period ends. As we mentioned, it is a temporary regime for a period of three to six months only, and in order for the body not to return to its previous state, you have to plan beyond keto.


Tips to follow before starting a keto diet



Dear reader, we offer you a list of the most important foods and drinks allowed in the keto diet.


  1. Meat and poultry. Such as red steak, sausage, chicken and turkey.
  2. Fat rich names. Such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.
  3. eggs.
  4. Butter and cream.
  5. Unprocessed cheese. Such as white cheese, cheddar and mozzarella.
  6. Nuts and seeds. Such as almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds and chia.
  7. Healthy oils. Such as virgin olive  oil and coconut oil.
  8. avocado Whole fresh fruits.
  9. Vegetables are low in carbohydrates. Such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and peppers.
  10. Allspice. Such as salt, brown pepper, herbs and spices.


Food and drinks allowed in keto diet meals



  1. water. The foundation of life and the #1 keto-friendly drink.
  2. tea. Unsweetened red and green, and white tea as well.
  3. coffee. All kinds, hot or cold and unsweetened.
  4. Herbal drinks. Such as hibiscus, chamomile and mint.
  5. Diet soda drinks. However, it should not be too much because it contains artificial sweeteners.
  6. juices; Unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices.
  7. Milk alternatives. Like almond milk and coconut milk.
  8. Sports drinks. Because it contains sodium and potassium, which are essential for the body.


Food and drinks allowed in keto diet meals



Several websites specialize in keto diet recipes  the right amounts of each ingredient, and some offer week by week keto diet meals. We review together the easiest of these foods:

1- EGGS 

Eggs are a staple in the keto diet, and they can be eaten boiled or fried. Fry the eggs with some animal butter and you may add some toppings, such as pastrami or smoked turkey cheese slices. This is in addition to some green leafy vegetables and cucumber slices, or prepare an omelette. Eggs are often used for breakfast.


Eggs are an essential meal on the keto diet


2- FISH 

Grilled fish with a plate of green salad and olive oil is an excellent and complete keto diet meal. Or you can use tuna with a vegetable dish and enjoy a wonderful tuna salad.


Tuna, fish, and salad are among the keto diet meals



Boiled chicken pieces are used in creamy mushroom soup, or grilled alongside a salad. This dish is used at lunch interchangeably with fish or any other meat.


Chicken fits the keto diet



A plate of ground beef with buttered zucchini slices, or a buttered veggie burger, are two other options for a complete keto diet lunch or dinner.


Meat fits the keto diet



Use a cup of Greek yogurt with some berries or one of the fruits of the blueberry family for dinner. An alternative to milk can be used, such as coconut milk.

Keto diet meals are light, easy to prepare, and you can switch between ingredients, provided that the percentage of nutrients in them do not change. We wish you, dear reader, a life full of health and wellness.


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