Low carb diet to lose 6 kilos in a week

A low-carb diet is intended to limit the carbohydrates you eat in your diet, such as those found in grains, vegetables, fruits, and eat many low-carb diets appropriate for your diet.

The goal of this diet is to include low-carb foods in the diet and help you lose weight and also have other benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes.


Why follow a low-carb diet?

You may need to follow a low-carb diet for the following reasons:

  • You want to limit the amount of carbohydrates to include in your diet for weight loss.
  • Want to change your eating habits in general?
  • To enjoy eating low-carb foods.

It is preferable to consult a doctor before starting any diet, especially if you have certain health problems such as diabetes, heart disease.

A diet based on low-carb foods helps you reduce the number of processed foods. There are many scientific evidence that confirms the effectiveness of it as the best system for people who want to lose weight and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

What are carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are part of a vital diet, provide the body with vitamins and minerals, and are one of the 6 nutrients that are necessary to provide the body with energy. Carbohydrates can be stored in the muscles and carbohydrates help the body to perform its functions properly and regulate blood sugar levels. However, the presence of a large proportion of carbohydrates in the body leads to weight gain as it causes the accumulation of fat.

Simple and complex carbohydrates:

The body converts carbohydrates during digestion into sugar, and carbohydrates can be classified into simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly and converted to sugar quickly in the bloodstream, such as soft drinks, while complex carbohydrates are difficult to digest and turn into sugar, such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits. In general, a dietician recommends following a diet that contains low-carb foods, which are complex carbohydrates.

Low carb diet plan:

There are a range of low-carb foods that you can add to your weight loss diet.

List of foods you can eat:

  • Meat: beef, lamb, red meat, chicken and other grass-fed animals.
  • Fish: salmon, mackerel.
  • Eggs: because they are rich in omega-3.
  • Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and many other vegetables.
  • Fruits: apples, oranges, pears, grapes, strawberries.
  •  Nuts: Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds.
  • Dairy: cheese, butter, yogurt.
  • Fats and oils: coconut oil, butter, olive oil.

Foods you should avoid:

  • Sugars: soft drinks, juices with a high sugar content, ice cream, sweets.
  • Gluten grains: such as barley, white bread, pasta, white rice.
  • Unsaturated fats: These are hydrogenated oils.
  • High content of omega-3: such as vegetable oils such as safflower, canola.
  • Artificial sweeteners: saccharin, aspartame, you can use stevia instead.
  • Processed foods should be avoided.

Foods you may need to eat:

  • sweet potato .
  • Oats and quinoa grains contain non-gluten grains.
  •  Dark chocolate with a choice of chocolate that contains 77% cocoa.

Drinks you need to include:

  • water .
  • coffee .
  • Tea .
  • Soda without artificial sweeteners.

One week low carb diet plan:

This plan provides you with about 50 grams of total carbohydrates per day and you can include the foods listed above in a healthy diet.

First day :

  • Breakfast: Omelet with vegetables fried in butter or coconut oil.
  • Food: yogurt, berries, a handful of almonds.
  • Dinner: cheeseburger with vegetables.

the second day :

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of red meat, eggs.
  • Lunch: burger with fried vegetables.
  • Dinner: salmon, vegetables.

the third day :

  • Breakfast: eggs, fried vegetables.
  • Lunch: shrimp salad with a little olive oil.
  • Dinner: grilled chicken with vegetables.

the fourth day :

  • Breakfast: Omelet with vegetables fried in coconut oil.
  • Lunch: Coconut juice with milk, berries, almonds, protein drink.
  • Dinner: steak, vegetables.

The fifth day :

  • Breakfast: red steak, eggs.
  • Lunch: Chicken salad with olive oil.
  • Dinner: red steak, vegetables.

the sixth day :

  • Breakfast: omelette with fried vegetables.
  •  Lunch: Yogurt with berries, coconut flakes and a handful of walnuts.
  • Dinner: steaks with vegetables.

the seventh day :

  • Breakfast: red meat, eggs.
  • Lunch: coconut juice with milk, a little cream with chocolate flavor or a protein and berry drink.
  • Dinner: grilled chicken wings with spinach.

Low-carb snacks:

If you feel hungry while following this diet, you can introduce snacks between meals and they must be healthy. There are a range of low-carb snack options that help you increase the feeling of satiety, which are as follows:

  • Any kind of fruit.
  • Yogurt.
  •  Boiled egg .
  •  carrots .
  • A handful of nuts.
  •  A little cheese and meat.


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