Olaplex No. 8 Intensive Hydration Mask

  • There’s a new treat in town! The new treatment that hydrates, softens, and adds shine and body. Bond building technology is patented. This highly concentrated, restorative mask provides intense hydration to treat damaged hair
  • Nº.8 is the only hydrating mask that rebuilds the bonds in your hair while hydrating. It’s formulated with ingredients found in skincare. The mask aims to treat an essential component of healthy hair – its hydration – while rebuilding the hair to make it stronger. Incorporating into your routine is a game changer! As with all products, it is compatible with all hair types. Deep hydration paired with repair is a must for Virgo and those at high risk. It’s a luxurious part of your weekly hair self-care!
  • This concentrated formula absorbs deeply to address damage without weighing hair down. With Nº.8, you can feel the difference once the product works; Hair becomes soft and smooth. Less is more with Nº.8! It works very economically and efficiently, so there is no need to overly coat the hair and waste product.
  • Simple directions! Apply to clean, damp hair of medium length to ends (use sparingly at roots). Start with two pumps for shoulder length hair. Use more for longer, thicker hair. Use less for fine or short hair. Work with your fingers and leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse well and apply as usual. Nº.8 has a light texture that absorbs completely into the hair, providing residual benefits that outlast many shampoos. When No.8 sinks into hair, it gives texture while adding intense shine. Use weekly for best results

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