Slimming wrap is the solution to get rid of accumulated fat

Body wrap, or as some call it, slimminig wrap has become one of the ways to get a wrapped body with a wonderful texture, but when you do it in a beauty center, it is very expensive, so in this article we will mention a lot of notes and ways necessary to do this process at home without the need To spend a lot of money and get the same satisfying results you want


There are many ways to get a contoured body by means of slimming wraps to get rid of areas of excess fat:

1. What method should you follow: Body wraps have many goals that you want to achieve through it. But there are several main types

  • Therapeutic wrap
  • Wrapping for slimming
  • Wrapping to get rid of toxins

2. Wrapping for detoxing: After you have decided which type you want, it is time to prepare the required ingredients to do it well. In the next section, we will mention the ingredients for detoxing the body.

  •  A cup of regular salt or English salt
  • 3 cups of water
  • Half a cup of aloe vera
  • 3 tablespoons of oil (shea – olive – sunflower – or any other type of oil) or a quarter or half a cup of glycerin can be used instead of oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons of one of your favorite essential oils
  • Chamomile or herbal tea bags with hot water

3. Therapeutic body wrap: If you suffer from the effects of stress, tension or muscle tension, you can use therapeutic wraps in this case. These ingredients will help you get rid of everything that hurts you in your body

  •  herbal tea bags
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • germanium oil

4. Using a body wrap for slimming:

If you want to lose certain parts of your body, you can use the body wrapping method on these areas using the ingredients that we will mention later. The beautiful thing about this method is that it also gets rid of the water that may be stored under the skin.

  • 85gm seaweed powder
  • 8 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • spoonful of almond oil
  • Half a spoon of honey
  • 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • Two drops of lavender oil

Getting ready to implement:

1. Buy a big roll of elastic bandages:

Bandages help absorb the mixture you want and keep it on the skin of your body
. The wider the width of the bandage, and the longer it is, the more coverage you can cover.

2. Preparation of the place:

  • The place where you will sit after wrapping your body should be clean, protected and relaxing
  • Try using candles, soft music, or the Quran in the voices of the sheikhs you prefer
  • It is helpful if the place has a little high temperature
  • Prepare some towels that you may need

3. Prepare the mixture you need to wrap your body:

  • Elastic bandages should be dipped in the mixture after it is heated
  •   Heat the desired mixture over a medium heat
  • Don’t bring the mixture to a boil, just keep it warm
  • Put two or three cups of the mixture in a deep, cold bowl
  • Put the dressings in the bowl so that they are dipped in the mixture until they are warm

Carrying out a body wrap using an elastic bandage dipped in the mixture:

1. It is preferable to shower before wrapping the body: the skin must be cleaned well before wrapping the body, this makes the results better

2. You must take off your clothes: the results of wrapping are most positive when the mixture and bandages are in direct contact with the body.

3. Stand on a large towel: remove one of the bandages from the mixture and start wrapping it on your body from the bottom of your feet and then wrap your legs and so standing on one of the towels prevents the floor on which you are standing from being contaminated with the mixture

4. Wrap your body tightly: wrapping your body tightly gives the best opportunity for your skin to absorb the mixture and avoid bandages from falling off your body and stick to it better and do not over-wrap it so as not to cut off blood circulation to your skin

5. Rotate one leg and stop at the knee: stopping at the knee makes it easier for you to move and relax while sitting in the body roll.

6. Use a staple to secure the dressings closed 

7. Avoid leaving part of your skin uncovered by bandages: start using the next pad where you left off. Keep rolling your legs until the bandage reaches your thighs, covering every part of your body as much as possible, up to your knees if possible.

8. Start wrapping the thighs: you should start from the highest point possible on the legs and work your way up to the torso towards the armpits, making sure that the bandages are well tightened and covered all over the skin.

9. Move under the arms: do this before wrapping the arms so that the bandage ends at the shoulders

  •  Do not forget to insert the elbows in the area
  • After the end of each spool of bandages around your body you must tighten the coil with one of the pins
  • Try to wear someone with the same sauna to get better results

Relax and Enjoy:

1. Try to feel comfortable:

Find the right place to relax and sit in peace to enjoy an hour away from life

  •  If it’s too messy for you, you can sit in the bathtub
  • If you decide to take a walk, be careful not to spill the mixture

2. Rest: After you have found the right place to relax, you will give yourself an amazing experience to enjoy a beautiful and positive day while enjoying a little music or reading a beautiful book.

3. Drink water: Although you need heat and warmth to get better results, it is also good to drink water and keep your body hydrated. You must remember to drink water before, during and after the body wrap procedure

4. Removing the bandages: You should start removing the bandages from the top. After removing the bandages, you must wash your body carefully with a towel dampened in cold water

  •  If you use one of the types of mud, you need to shower more
  • You can use the moisturizers you need
  • Keep drinking water

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