The amazing benefits of quinoa for your hair



Quinoa (a grain rich in protein and fiber) contains 9 different types of amino acids, all of which are essential for hair health and vitality. Its main component is keratin protein.

And you can treat several hair problems using quinoa, according to “Super Mama.”

Among the benefits of quinoa for hair are the following:
Treating dandruff: Quinoa retains hair moisture, as well as contains iron, calcium, and phosphorous, all of which are ingredients that contribute greatly to the treatment of dandruff.

Strengthening hair: The protein content of quinoa makes the hair strong, stimulates the follicles to grow, and treats previous damage to the hair, such as the use of chemicals or thermal methods, such as dyes or hair irons.

Increase hair shine: Quinoa contains protein and vitamins that add shine to it and treat split ends, in addition to vitamin E, which restores the balance of oils in the scalp, as well as reduces the breakage of follicles.

Hair protection: due to the presence of a group of amino acids in quinoa, which forms a protective shield that envelops the follicles, protects them from harmful external factors such as dust, and restores the hair’s vitality.

Moisturizing the scalp: Quinoa forms a simple insulating layer on the scalp, protecting it from losing its moisture, as well as absorbing moisture from the air to increase its hydration.


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