Natural recipes to get rid of stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks is one of the most common skin problems among a large group of people, especially women, as these signs are caused by several factors, chief among them: pregnancy, a large and sudden increase in weight, hormonal problems, and diseases that affect the glands.

Stretch marks

They appear in the form of a group of thin white lines that spread in many areas of the body, especially the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, so we offer you the best medical and complementary treatments that get rid of these lines safely.

– which contains a high percentage of vitamins and minerals that rehabilitate the skin, renew its cells, strengthen it, prevent its various problems, and contribute to restoring its natural color, thus helping to get rid of stretch marks, by massaging the skin with thick potato slices, or by applying juice over The areas to be treated, leave it for a sufficient period, and wash it well with warm water.

– Where white sugar is one of the best natural elements that help exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead cells, renew the layers of the skin and increase its smoothness, thus unifying the color and eliminating white and red fine lines, so it is recommended to mix an appropriate amount of white sugar with almond oil and a little lemon juice And massage the area to be treated for a few minutes, taking care to repeat the recipe for a whole month.

Aloe vera gel
– where it revitalizes the skin, treats spots, lines, minor burns, and many skin problems, by massaging the affected skin with aloe vera gel and leaving it to dry completely, then washing it with lukewarm water. It is also possible to apply aloe vera extract mixed with vitamin E capsules and make sure to repeat the recipe daily.

Lemon juice
– it contains natural antioxidants, and vitamins important for treating skin problems, by applying them to the areas to be repaired, massaging them in a circular motion, leaving the juice for ten minutes, then washing the area well with warm water.

Olive oil
– as it contains vitamins and natural antioxidants, it contributes to stimulating blood circulation and eliminating lines, by applying it over the affected area, leaving it until the skin absorbs it, then washing the area well with lukewarm water.

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