Protect yourself from Corona and its variants and strengthen your immune system with these tips
With the spread of the Corona virus and its variants, the quality of food eaten must be preserved, to reduce infection with this virus, as we find that people with weak immune systems are more susceptible to infection with the virus, and are also susceptible to diseases.

Therefore, the report, published on the “ healthline ” website, confirms that eating healthy contributes greatly to reducing the chances of infection with the virus and its variables, and protects you from many diseases because you have kept strengthening your immune system.

The report presented some prohibited foods, because they increase the chances of weakening the immune system, including:

Fast foods.


Foods high in salt.

On the other hand, the report advised people to eat healthy foods rich in distinctive vitamins whose role is to strengthen the immune system, such as antioxidants, vitamins D, C and A, and zinc. To get these elements, you can eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes.

The report also pointed out the importance of eating fiber-rich foods because they have a significant role in strengthening the immune system, reducing exposure to any health complications, and also strengthening the immune system.

Finally, the report emphasized the role of a healthy diet rich in vitamins and distinct and important nutrients for the body in strengthening the immune system and reducing exposure to the resulting health complications.