British expert predicts when Corona restrictions will end

A British medical expert predicted the expected date for the end of the restrictions of Fayrouz Corona, and for life to return to normal.
He said that self-isolation for people infected with the Corona virus should be canceled in the near future and life should continue as usual.

Expert “Paul Hunter”, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia Health, predicted the end of Corona restrictions and a return to normal life.
Pre-pandemic will return by next April.

He also stated that the epidemic would weaken and become just another cause of the common cold. Noting that the virus will not cause concern by April 2022.

He said that we must allow people who test positive for COVID-19 to lead their normal lives as
They do with any other cold.

While the omicron is much more contagious than the delta mutant, the newer mutant strain is much milder. and with danger
Hospital admissions 50-70% lower than Delta so far. Therefore, the omicron mutant clogs the health system less.

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