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What causes lack of water

  • Skin problems: They are the external and external problems resulting from the lack of water in the body, where dehydration appears on the skin and the outer layer of the skin begins to crack, causing roughness and changing the color of the skin to a dark color, and this dryness appears on the entire human skin, from the face, lips, and What around the mouth and the ankles and others.
  • Problems in the joints: Water enters the formation of the gel between the joints, which facilitates movement, and prevents friction between the joints, and thus the lack of water in the body leads to a decrease in the production of this necessary substance, and this leads to increased friction and roughness of the joints, and the difficulty of movement.
  • Digestive problems: Water helps facilitate digestion, analyze food in the stomach and intestines, and also helps in absorbing the necessary nutrients from food, and the lack of water in the body negatively affects the effectiveness of this process, leading to indigestion and constipation problems. Therefore, the presence of the amount of water that the digestive system needs to carry out the process of digestion, will facilitate this process and make it more effective.
  • Kidney problems: The kidneys need to provide large amounts of water to prevent the deposition of salts and the formation of stones inside them. The lack of water leads to the formation of salts inside, causing a failure in the work of the kidneys, so it is recommended to drink water to avoid kidney stones and pain and to activate the work of the kidneys.
  • Problems with the immune system: The lack of water leads to dryness of the mucous membranes and the lining of the nose, causing disruption of the body’s first line of defense, and exposing the body to many viruses, bacteria and diseases spread around it.

The importance of drinking plenty of water

After mentioning some of the problems that a lack of water leads to in the body, it must be remembered that drinking about 8 glasses of water daily helps prevent these problems, and contributes very significantly to getting rid of excess weight; As it helps the body in breaking down and analyzing excess fats, water is also necessary to stimulate blood circulation and promote growth, especially for children in their early years
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