Hand care method and proven natural recipes

  Methods of hand care with natural recipes from your kitchen has become a common thing, where you can use tomatoes, cucumber lemon and milk to moisturize the hands, what length of your hands in the kitchen is usable both on the skin and on the hands, important to know the nature of your skin because dry skin we prefer […]

Foods rich in sodium and potassium

  Sodium and potassium the human body needs to perform its functions in the required form to many minerals, and nutrients, which help it to develop and grow, and maintain the health of the body in general, as the body uses minerals in many vital processes; such as: bone building, transmission of nerve fluids, and the manufacture of hormones, it […]

5 reasons why you should eat garlic daily

Besides the taste it imparts to food dishes, garlic is known for its multiple health benefits such as its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as its cholesterol-lowering effect. In this report published by the French magazine “Sante plus”, author Zahoor Alawi Mohammadi said that garlic belongs to the garlic species, such as onions, leeks and chives. For maximum benefit, […]

How to treat anorexia

  Anorexia nervosa Eating disorders generally affect about 30 million people in the United States, the most important of which is anorexia, which is the loss of the usual desire or appetite to eat, and this condition may affect people of both sexes, but its prevalence in females is almost ten times higher than in men. In fact, Anorexia is […]

Turmeric lightening intimate area: a safe and effective solution

  Turmeric effectively lightens blackened areas of the body without causing any infections, so using turmeric to whiten sensitive areas is a safe and effective solution, so let us teach you how to use turmeric to whiten the sensitive area. How to use turmeric to whiten sensitive areas Turmeric has lightening and purifying properties from impurities and blackening, and we […]

best oils for hair fall

  If you want to know the best oils for falling hair, you are in the right place, but first find out what causes hair loss, and then use the most appropriate treatment. Causes of hair loss Hair loss occurs as a result of many reasons, and: Genetic factors Both men and women experience this type of hair loss, which […]

How to prepare a natural shampoo for falling hair

  Hair is defined as excess substances composed of protein, which appears on the human body and the rest of the organisms of the mammary species and the hair consists of a combination of excess protein and some of the non-living cells, which are mostly produced from the body toxins, and when mixed with each other, the hair is made […]

How to manufacture natural Moroccan soap

  Moroccan soap or black soap is rich in vitamins such as vitamin E, A, K, in addition to antioxidants that effectively fight skin problems. Moroccan soap is traditionally used in the countries of the Maghreb, as it is one of the types of soaps whose preparation has spread for thousands of years, and through our report we will know […]