Mixture to clean the scalp and results are guaranteed

If you are wondering what is the best mixture to clean the scalp, in the following article on my website, learn about the best natural home mixtures that give you a dirt-free scalp.


The scalp is exposed to many problems such as  dandruff  ,  pimples under the skin  , or infections, and there is no doubt that natural mixtures have a great and effective role in getting rid of all these problems.


Mixture to clean the scalp and results are guaranteed!The most important natural mixtures for cleaning the scalp


Here are the best natural mixtures that we advise you to resort to to get a healthy scalp and hair free of dirt and problems:


Aloe vera and vinegar: We cannot deny that  aloe vera gives you unlimited beauty,  especially in terms of hair. Another half of apple cider vinegar and then apply this mixture on the hair for about 30 minutes and then wash it well with lukewarm water.Lemon juice : There is no doubt that you know that  lemon is your beauty companion  , and it is one of the most important natural ingredients that gives you unlimited beauty, especially as it helps you get rid of scalp problems and transfers bacteria and dirt accumulated in them, and from here we advise you to massage your scalp with lemon juice in circular motions and leave it on the hair for about 15 minutes.Oils : There are many  natural oils that nourish the hair  and help moisturize it and treat the problems it suffers from such as breakage, damage and dandruff, and for this reason we advise you to mix a little olive oil with castor oil, sweet almond and jojoba and apply this mixture on the hair for about 35 minutes, then wash and clean it well.



Tips to keep the scalp clean


In addition to applying these mixtures, there are many tips that we advise you to follow to keep your scalp clean:


Choose  the right shampoo for hair  and avoid washing hair daily.Make sure to do oil baths for hair twice a week.Follow  a healthy diet  rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for hair.Avoid exposing hair to sunlight for a lot of time.Minimize the use of hair dryers and let the hair air dry

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