Natural starch cream is effective in straightening hair

Naturally straightening the hair is the thing that women most desire to achieve, especially since half of a woman’s beauty is her hair, especially since smooth and straight hair suits all face shapes, and is easy to comb, so some women want to straighten their wavy hair, so they resort to chemical treatments or tools Thermal styling that straightens the hair for limited periods of up to a whole year, but these methods cause many side effects such as hair loss, dryness and sensitivity of the scalp.


There are many natural solutions that we suggest to you through your favorite magazine, “The care Beauty Woman’s Magazine”, which are distinctive natural recipes that are safe for hair and effective in straightening it to avoid these damages, taking into account not to apply them more than two to three times each week, because Their daily application damages the hair and scalp.


How to prepare an effective starch cream in straightening the hair naturally:


Preparation of starch cream


To prepare the special starch cream for straightening the hair naturally, we start by putting the yogurt and yeast together in a deep dish, then drop the rose water and starch on them and continue mixing until the ingredients are homogeneous and melt together and have a creamy texture.


We drop the mixture of oils that we have on the previous ingredients and continue to stir until the oil reaches all parts. Clean the hair with normal water and shampoo appropriate for its type, then dry it with a cotton towel until any excess water is eliminated. The cream is distributed over the hair by dividing it into A few tufts of small and equal size and apply it to the head, starting from the roots and hair follicles to the ends of the ends.


Comb the hair with a comb made of wood, then we wrap the hair on dedicated head circles, and put a plastic cap on the head for at least three hours. .


Straightening the hair naturally with starch cream and castor oil:



After mentioning the method of making a terrible cream of starch and castor oil to straighten curly hair in a short time, the role comes to clarify another effective recipe in increasing the smoothness and straightening of the hair, using coconut milk in addition to starch and castor oil, which are among the distinctive ingredients to straighten hair naturally and make it smooth as silk. We offer you a recipe A powerful force in smoothing hair easily.





You will need a cup of coconut milk, three tablespoons of castor oil, the juice of a large lemon, and half a cup of cornstarch, then we bring a deep bowl and add all the above ingredients in it together, then stir and stir until completely mixed, raise the bowl over low heat and continue Stirring until we get a creamy mixture.


Leave this mixture aside until it becomes cool at the temperature of the place, and at the same time we clean the hair with water and shampoo appropriate for its type to get rid of any dirt or dust stuck on the head, dry the hair from the excess water on it and when it becomes wet we distribute the previously prepared mixture on it.


We put a plastic hair cap on the hair, leave for about three hours, rinse the hair again with water to get rid of any residue of this recipe on the head, and repeat this twice a week until we get the desired result.


Ways to straighten hair naturally and easily:


Starch cream to soften hair


In addition to applying the method of making a terrible starch and castor oil cream to naturally straighten hair, especially curly hair in a short time, there are some instructions that must be done to help with this, such as the following:


Avoid excessive washing of hair, use a shampoo suitable for hair type and from a reliable source to ensure the quality of the ingredients, make sure that the hair is not exposed to sunlight, use a spray to moisturize the hair, and take a bath with hot oils from time to time.


Important tip:


Through this article, we explained to you, Madam, how to make a terrible cream of starch and castor oil to straighten curly hair in a short time, while mentioning the most important aesthetic benefits that accrue to the hair from applying this recipe to it, but it is not recommended to apply it too much on the head to avoid the bad side effects resulting from it.