With pictures to get soft hair, learn how to make hair serum

If your hair needs to use a hair serum and you find that it is expensive and expensive, we offer you through the Educate Yourself a valuable gift, which is how to make hair serum at home with the easy illustrated steps so that you can easily get soft and attractive hair that shows your beauty and increases your self-confidence 

1- Prepare an empty and clean spray bottle

2- Take any kind of gel and fill the bottle to about 1 inch

3- Put some olive oil in it

4- Then put some water by an inch and a half



How to make hair serum

How to make hair serum

5- Then add some type of moisturizer to it as well

6- Shake the serum bottle well with your hands



7- Thus, you have prepared a hair serum that you can use on your hair and enjoy soft and beautiful hair

We hope that we have provided a good and effective way through which you learned how to make hair serum at home, which will help you without cost in making your hair a crown of beauty on your head and without losing a lot of money in beauty centers, for everyone who followed this method and implemented it at home Tell us through the comments the result and is it satisfactory or do you prefer to go to beauty centers to make hair serums