Body Firming Lemon-Milk Blend

Body Firming Lemon-Milk Blend






1 Lemon


1 Tea Glass of Milk


500 ml Water


Preparation and application:


Extract the juice from the lemon and put it in a bowl.


Add the other ingredients to the lemon and mix.


Put the mixture in the refrigerator to freeze.


After showering, massage this frozen mixture all over your body.


After running it on your body, wash your body with warm water.


Again, rub the frozen ice over your body and then wash off with lukewarm water. (Repeat this process 3-4 times)


Dry your body after the last warm shower.


Apply a body cream you use.




It will be enough to do this method, which provides tightening of the body, once a week.


Make a scrub all over your body during the shower. In order for the firming agent to be applied after the shower to be more effective, the skin pores must be open.


Lemon and milk in the mixture; It provides plenty of vitamins and minerals necessary for the skin. This method will contribute to the revitalization of the skin by providing the formation of new cells as well as tightening the skin.


If you want to tighten your body and get a more fit look, do not neglect to do sports.