Natural soap treating skin pimples


Here is my lady, the natural soap that you can make yourself at home,  which will get rid of the problem of pimples and grains in your skin and make it look that lacking in aesthetics and softness, and it is a  soap that you can prepare with natural ingredients at home.

Ingredients: a spoon of  coffee powder + a teaspoon of  ground lavender + a  quantity of  natural   soap + a spoon of coconut oil or argan oil

Method of preparation: Madam,  melt the soap in a bowl, then he rests of the ingredients to it, then mixes well, then put the mixture in molds and put it in the freezer. Prepare it. Take a  pill and start washing your skin with it before bed. You will see with the use of this soap repeatedly every day, the skin will become clear and free of pimples,  however, she was.

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