How to prepare parsley soap for the skin


Soap is known as a mixture of fatty acids that are used for cleaning, and soap is used with water, in order to reduce surface tension, and home soap can be made by using animal fats, vegetable fats or oils and in this article we will learn about the method of preparing parsley soap for the skin.


Parsley is known as a plant genus belonging to the alchemical species and this genus includes one species that has been accepted and parsley fragile and there are many other species that have not been accepted due to its lack of quality and danger to public health, as for the Botanical definition of parsley is a bi-squint herb plant that follows the alchemical species,

Parsley is very important for human health as it is considered, beneficial to the health of the digestive system and liver, as eating parsley daily contributes to support the health of the digestive system partly because of its role in supporting the liver, it increases the levels of glutathione the main antioxidant in the liver and also supports antioxidant enzymes, parsley reduces blood sugar levels, so that

Parsley improves body breath as parsley is rich in chlorophyll and gives the body a beautiful smell and is considered a breath freshener, chlorophyll acts as an anti-mutation and reduces odor-causing bacteria responsible for producing bad breath and body odor. Parsley reduces body odor.

Benefits of parsley for the skin

Parsley has many benefits for the skin, including:

Parsley helps get rid of blackheads

As the blackheads spread in many areas of the face, such as the nose, chin and forehead, and this problem causes inconvenience to both sexes, and may later lead to the appearance and spread of other pimples on the face, and parsley can help solve this problem by putting a amount of fresh parsley in the food processor, and we chop it until it with water.

Parsley treats traces of various grains found on oily skin

This is done by boiling fresh parsley leaves in the right amount of water for a few minutes over low heat, leaving the mixture until warm, and then washing the face with warm parsley water once in the morning after waking up, and once at night after sleeping.

Parsley helps to whiten and tone the skin

It is worth mentioning that parsley contains antioxidants that remove all types of damaged cells that cause the appearance of dark spots on the skin, and this is done by washing the face with parsley water before going out.

How to prepare parsley soap for the skin

Here’s the best way to make parsley soap::


Quantity of peacock soap

 Tablespoon parsley

Tablespoons of starch

 A glass of rose water

Pack of parsley

Two tablespoons of powdered milk

Method of preparation:

Put milk, parsley, starch and rose water in a medium bowl and stir well.

Put the mixture in the food processor, mix well until smooth.

Chop the peacock soap and put it on the fire until it melts, then add on top of it the starch and milk mixture and stir the ingredients together while on the fire.

Pour the soap mixture into a mold intended for soap, cover and leave in the refrigerator until solid.