How to get wonderful lips


Whether thin or thick, small or large, lips are an essential component of the face. With her beauty, the smile shines, and with it all the features of the face. As for neglecting, it is reflected in signs of fatigue that affect all aspects. This may be the reason why lipstick is the most popular cosmetic used by women around the world and the product of choice among stars.

Not all women have a perfect mouth shape and parallel lips, so cosmetic experts resort to some tricks that allow to correct the shape of the lips in simple and practical steps. Discover with us in the following the most prominent solutions that can help you in this area:

Very thin lips: repaint

Feel free to go a little beyond the borders of the lips to enlarge them. But do not overdo it, because the skin around the lips is different in nature from the skin of the lips.

To get a great result, draw a light beige line outside of the lips with a pencil. Next, use a pen in a color similar to the color of your lips and draw another line on the edge of the first line, then apply lipstick.

And as a final touch, dab a touch of lipstick or clear gloss into the core of the lips.

Lips that are very thick: make them thinner

Cover the corners of the lips with a little foundation using the sponge to reduce the thickness. Redraw the contour of the mouth, stopping before the corners of the mouth. Apply a dotted line from the lip liner to get a good result and to correct the line without mistakes.

– When volume decreases: fill in the lips

You should always take the first step, which is to exfoliate and moisturize the lips.

Then redraw the contour of the mouth using a light lip liner, for example in beige. Apply lipstick, then as a final touch, apply a touch of lighter lipstick (orange if red is the base, and lighter pink if the base is fuchsia). If you want shine, add a hint of glow or pearly lipstick.

The sad smile: Correct it

Correct the hanging corners of the mouth, as this is the only solution in your case. Adopt thick lip steps, but don’t apply foundation to the corners of the mouth.

Redraw the contour of the lips, tilting the line up a little and stopping before the corners of the lips.

– Materials suitable for oral makeup

What are the suitable materials for lip makeup? To have a beautiful mouth, you must first exfoliate the lips. I recommend using it once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and maintain lip gloss. Also, the lips must be moisturized well so that they are soft and supple, to facilitate the process of applying lipstick.

Then, use a long-wearing fluffy lip pencil to define or correct the contour of the lips, and of course you need a beautiful lipstick that is nourishing and shiny at the same time.

Wonderful mouth for all women

Whether your lips are thick or thin, or your mouth is big or small, what do you do to have a great mouth?

A lip pencil must be used. The process of drawing lips may seem complicated to you, but here is this trick: Use the pencil well before drawing the lip contour, and start from the middle of the upper lip, then the base of the lower lip. Next, draw broken lines and connect the corner of the mouth to the center of the upper lips and follow the same steps for the lower lips, from corner to base.

If you want to give the impression that your lips are full, do not hesitate to apply a little brightening pencil to brighten the contour of the mouth and redraw the mouth completely while exceeding the natural lip line by a millimeter. The mouth will appear much fuller.

On the contrary, if you want to thin the lips, redraw the contour of the lips while staying within the borders of one millimeter from the natural line. The mouth will appear thinner

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