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Kitchen Ingredients to Improve Brain & Memory - Care Beauty

Kitchen Ingredients to Improve Brain & Memory


You need, as all members of your family, to maintain a healthy brain, to focus and strengthen the memory

Dietitian Abeer Abu Rjaili, the owner of Diet of the town clinic, tells you, in the following list, the most prominent nutrients that contribute to enhancing brain function and protecting memory:

Walnut: We see a clear similarity between a nut and a brain. Walnuts have a high nutritional value important for brain health, due to their richness in omega-3 acids, which help strengthen memory and improve mental abilities.

_ Dark chocolate: Try to add dark chocolate to your meals in moderation, at a rate of 20 grams per day. Dark chocolate enhances

Blood flows to the brain, so it helps in increasing concentration.

Salmon: Scientific research has shown that salmon promotes mental health, being rich in omega 3. And to get its best benefits
Do not add sauces or tarator, but a small amount of olive oil, and try to eat it twice a week.

Egg yolk: It is useful to eat boiled eggs while avoiding frying to obtain nutritional benefits. It is true that the introduction of eggs within

Breakfast helps reduce weight, but it is also considered a brain-friendly and memory-enhancing food, according to recent scientific studies.

Avocado: Rich in beneficial fats and antioxidants, it contributes positively to promoting brain health. Put it in your salad bowl
For you and your family, or make it a healthy snack (snack).