Modern cosmetic steps to reduce the nose

With the tremendous progress in the field of plastic surgery, especially in plastic surgery, many solutions and methods have emerged to treat the problems of a large nose. It is possible to reduce the nose, reduce the tips of the nose, or sculpt the nose. But do these surgical treatments suit all women?! Certainly not, as these surgeries may be very expensive, in addition to being unsafe operations, as well as not suitable for young girls and adolescents. Believing in the need to search for everything that increases the beauty and elegance of the Arab woman, we have collected some methods and methods Modern techniques that reduce the nose by means of make-up techniques… Here are the details:


Of course, cosmetics will not actually reduce the nose, but they will play with the features of the nose and lighting to make it appear small, symmetrical and flawless.


To achieve this, here are the steps taken by cosmetic expert Huda Kattan to reduce the nose:


1. Define the sides of your nose completely from the tips, as if you were drawing the area around the nose, which is between the nose and the cheek; Use a creamy concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.


2. Blend the concealer well with a clean sponge.


3. Apply a little brown eyeshadow to your fingertip to make it easier for you to take a thin layer of eyeshadow to use in the next step.





4. Use a very soft brush to define the area next to the bridge of the nose, with brown eye shadow; This is done by drawing two straight lines parallel to the nose bone.


5. Blend the light shadows well with the brush, then use the sponge to remove the excess shadows.


6. Apply a few dots of a light creamy concealer to the bridge of the nose.


7. Finally, use the sponge to spread the light color on the cheekbones area.

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