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Teeth whitening mixtures at home - Care Beauty

Teeth whitening mixtures at home

Many people are interested in whitening their teeth, so brushing and toothpaste on a daily basis can secure protection for the teeth, but it does not whiten them, so many people go to the doctor to whiten the teeth, and it is a process that takes time and effort and at intervals. Therefore, dental specialists have invented some materials, and there are also natural materials It can be used to whiten teeth, including:


To whiten the teeth, it is possible to put lemon juice, add salt to it, and rinse it repeatedly with this solution and leave it for a while on the teeth, which helps in whitening the teeth.


• For teeth whitening, it is also possible to benefit from lemon or orange peel by rubbing it from the inside of the teeth to whiten it.


• To whiten the teeth with bicarbonate of soda and water, we mix them together and rinse with this solution, which helps remove yellow and other stains from the surface of the teeth.


• To whiten the teeth, it is possible to put natural honey on the toothbrush and mix it with toothpaste from time to time due to the benefits it contains.


• To whiten the teeth, I work on washing the mouth weekly with hydrogen peroxide, as it is an inexpensive substance and is available in all areas, but it should not be used a lot because it is harmful to the teeth when used excessively. • To whiten the teeth, use the dental cover or the veneer: it is a quick treatment consisting of porcelain, plastic materials, and we coat it over the teeth and remove it at any time.





Treatment with sagebrush and salt: The leaves and salt are placed in a bowl and we grind them until they become like dough, then the dough is placed in a warm oven until it becomes solid, after that we chop it well until it becomes like powder and then we put it in a bottle and use it weekly as it is effective in treating inflamed gums and whitening the teeth.


• To whiten the teeth, we grind mint and put a little oil on it, and then we rub the teeth with this substance daily, which gives a good effect in a good period of time.


• To whiten the teeth, hydrogen peroxide: This is a substance used to whiten the teeth. When going to the doctor, he cleans the teeth and prepares them for treatment, and then uses this substance, thanks to which the teeth become white, God willing. Bay leaves: We dry and grind the bay leaves in addition to the orange peel with these natural herbs. We rub the teeth on a daily basis to whiten the teeth effectively.