Magic blends for thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows have become a symbol of beauty. Women excel in beautifying them, and they use tattoos and makeup to show the eyebrows as if they are thick and very attractive.


As always, ladies the Woman magazine, we have come back to natural solutions. We offer you here solutions made of effective natural ingredients to intensify eyebrows, including:


Coconut oil: add a little coconut to the eyebrows area in the evening, leave it until the morning, then wash it with warm water.





Onion juice: It is an important catalyst for hair growth in the eyebrows because it contains sulfur, which stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the hair follicle.




Castor oil: known since ancient times for its ability to strengthen and lengthen hair, add a little of it to the eyebrows before going to sleep and wash it in the morning with cold water for a month.


Vaseline: plays a big role in keeping eyebrow hair straight and thick. It can be applied to the eyebrows twice a day for a month for the best results.