Lack of sleep causes cell death

Lack of sleep causes cell death


New research published in the journal Sleep (SLEEP) has revealed an important function of sleep’s many organic functions. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin studied the effect of complete, partial and partial (35%) sleep deprivation on the cells of important organs in laboratory rats for a period of 10 days, after which samples were taken from the cells of some organs in the body. The researchers found that complete sleep deprivation caused damage and dysfunction. in cells of the liver (247%), lungs (166%) and small intestine (145%); Similar damage occurred, but to a lesser extent, in mice that were subjected to partial sleep deprivation. The results showed that the rate of death of small intestine cells increased by more than 5-fold in mice that were subjected to complete sleep deprivation. The good news is that when the mice were allowed to catch up on sleep loss, cell proliferation improved and there was less damage to the cells’ DNA.


The results of this study highlight the importance of getting adequate sleep to avoid many diseases, including rapid aging of organs.

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