Carrots and radishes…the best for health and eyesight?

Carrots and radishes…the best for health and eyesight?


Who has not heard the phrase “carrots strengthen eyesight” and kept wondering about the validity of this saying? However, on the other hand, there is evidence that this statement is wrong, because carrots are beneficial for health in general and for eyesight. This does not prevent the presence of other foods that are also of great importance, including radishes, so here is the option.


How do carrots affect health and vision?


The retina is the part responsible for the sense of sight, and it consists of two types of light-sensitive cells: rods and cones, which are responsible for seeing in daylight and recognizing colors.

As for the sticks, they are responsible for seeing in the dark with the help of a pigment called rhodopsin K (Rhodopsin), which is a purple pigment responsible for the sensation of light in the dark. What helps in the formation of this pigment in the sticks is vitamin A, and here we find the link between carrots and looking at the carrots they contain. Vitamin A:

Carrots are a rich source of carotene, which is necessary for vision, and is also useful in rebuilding protoplasm in the body. Carotene is converted by the liver into vitamin A, where it is stored.

Carrots contain vitamin A, and the process of vision is based on many chemical reactions in which proteins and vitamins are used, especially vitamin A. However, the amount needed is very small, and it is available in many foods that we eat daily in sufficient quantities. Therefore, it is not true that Eating only carrots increases eyesight.

It contains carotenoids, which are substances responsible for the color of vegetables. Among these carotenoids, carotene is converted in the human body into vitamin A, which helps the eye see in the dark. Other healthy carotenoids are lutein and zeaxathin, which form the macula in the retina, which plays a major role in the sharpness of the eye’s vision. The redder the carrots are, the more carotene content the body needs.



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