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Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil


Cod liver oil is a yellow oil with a fishy smell and a somewhat strong smell. This oil is extracted from the liver of cod fish and contains

It contains large amounts of vitamins A and D.


In the past, many people used cod liver oil to protect them from vitamin A and D deficiency, the deficiency of which causes some diseases.

However, the use of this oil has decreased nowadays because it is possible to obtain these two vitamins from other sources, such as milk, where it contains

It contains both vitamins, in addition to yellow and green vegetables, while those who need additional amounts of these two vitamins can eat them.

In the form of medicinal capsules.

Cod liver oil, packaged in gelatin containers, is used as a very rich source of vitamins A and D, and is prescribed in the treatment of rickets patients in children.

And prevention, because vitamin D helps deposit calcium in the bones and teeth. Vitamin A is also an important element for growth and helps

It helps build body muscles, and each gram of cod liver oil provides about 850 international units of vitamin A, and an amount of no less than 85 international units.

Of vitamin D


This oil is characterized by its light texture, thick taste and aroma, and a flavoring agent of no more than 1% is added to it to improve its taste.

This oil is extracted from the fresh liver of fish, especially the type known as cod, and these fish live in the north

The Atlantic Ocean, and migrates to its shores in early winter and spring to lay eggs. Its largest fisheries are found on the coasts of England and the islands of

New Volland and Norway. Oil is also extracted from the livers of halibut fish and packaged in gelatin containers. It is also rich in vitamins.

“A” and “D”, and the extracts of some marine algae contain vitamin “C”, and some members of the vitamin “B” group, such as folic acid.

And niacin, which has commercial value, but unfortunately it is difficult to separate these vitamins from other substances that may be harmful.

In human health, doctors use a sterile solution of sodium moorhite at a concentration of 5% to treat leg varicose veins.

It is: sodium salts of fatty acids in cod liver oil, and this converter works after being injected into the affected areas as a substance.

It causes varicose veins in the legs, and it should not be used if a solid substance separates from it and does not dissolve completely when warmed.


Cod liver oil causes obvious bloating and disturbance in the colon. Generally, cod liver oil is considered safe if used in moderation.

Studies have not proven any negative side effects of cod liver oil on the general public. But pregnant women who use

Medications It is recommended to inform your physician before using cod liver oil regularly. Otherwise, cod liver oil is safe

Moderate use: It is important not to consume very large doses of cod liver oil as this can lead to high blood pressure.

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